You know what I’ve come to realize…
You’re a total bitch to all of us when you’re dating her! Juss saying. We are always there for you when she’s not. And frankly it kinda pisses me off that you forget about us when she’s around…

Alex's 'A-B-C' guides-to-life
  • A: Ask me about my wiener
  • B: Bubble guts for me
  • C: Cat hatred
  • D: Definitely the best looking member of this band
  • E: Eucalyptus oil/ English
  • F: Fancy boots
  • G: My Great hair
  • H: Hand jobs in the car
  • I: I love you
  • J: Jane Lynch
  • K: Koala soup
  • L: I'm LOLing at you
  • M: My awesome peen
  • N: Not your peen, my peen
  • O: Orgasms
  • P: 8===D
  • Q: Q-T (what I am)
  • R: Rupees from Zelda
  • S: Sword fights in Zelda
  • T: Trace Cyrus
  • U: Uvula
  • V: Vagina
  • W: Waking up with Wedgies
  • X: Stupid letter :(
  • Y: Your face, my pants
  • Z: Zelda

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I changed my email on tumblr and now it won’t let me log in with the new one! HELP! P.S I’m signed in on my iPod now.

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